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188 A Wish for Different in 2024

December 18, 2023

First and foremost, we at Lochhead on Marketing would like to wish everyone from the bottom of our hearts, happy holidays. Christopher Lochhead hopes that you have an opportunity to be with the people you love this time of year, and enjoy some happiness and peace.

That said, there seems to be a lot going on lately. Be it about antisemitism, diversity, equality, and inclusion, and sort of the core values that the United States will be governed by and will latch on to. So I wanted to take this time and have a talk between you and I.

You may not like what I will have to say, and that is all right. The important thing is that we have a good dialogue between us, and open ourselves to thinking Different does not always mean they hate you and your type of thinking.

As we head to 2024, that is my wish for the holiday season. That we have a breakthrough in real, authentic, civilized, thoughtful dialogue.

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Christopher Lochhead on LGBTQ+ rights over the years

Christopher shared a heartwarming story about a LinkedIn acquaintance, a marketing executive, who recently had a baby with her wife. They had a positive exchange about babies, and Christopher expressed genuine happiness for the couple.

“Around here, we think babies are fucking fantastic, especially when they’re born to good people who are committed to raising those children and loving knows children. What could be better than a great couple are a great group of folks who have a baby, love that baby, and do everything in their power to provide that child with a great life and enjoy that child. It’s wonderful.”

– Christopher Lochhead

Christopher then reflected on growing up around queer individuals, recalling the challenges they faced over the years. He emphasized the progress in societal acceptance of the queer community, highlighting the positive change that allows people to openly share personal milestones without fear of judgment.

That said, Christopher expressed joy for the LinkedIn acquaintance, appreciating that she can legally be herself and share her family news without hesitation, considering it a legendary step forward, especially in the United States.

Christopher Lochhead on mortgage discrimination

Christopher then talks about a CNN headline that revealed the systemic racism about the Navy Federal Credit Union’s discriminatory mortgage approval practices.

The report states that while over 75% of white applicants were approved for conventional home purchase mortgages, less than 50% of black applicants were approved under the same circumstances. Christopher condemns this as not just systemic racism but outright evil. He criticizes financial institutions like Wells Fargo for repeatedly facing charges related to racial discrimination without executives facing jail time. He emphasizes the urgent need to acknowledge and fight systemic racism for true equality and justice, citing the 14th Amendment of the US Constitution.

“This is racism right in front of us. And anybody who’s just anybody who cares about equality, and justice, and the pursuit of happiness for all must acknowledge that there is systemic racism against certain groups. There’s no doubt about that. And we need to fight it. We really need to fight it.”

– Christopher Lochhead

On Systemic Racism and DEI in society

Christopher expresses concern about the rise of hatred, particularly in the context of recent events, notably the conflict in the Middle East. He highlights the misunderstandings surrounding the October 7th events, emphasizing the severity of the situation and the explicit threat against Israel and the Jewish population.

Christopher is dismayed by the confusion and the lack of recognition for Israel’s right to defend itself. He shares a personal experience of a friend falling victim to violence and underscores the complexity of the situation, acknowledging the tragedy on both sides.

Christopher attributes the rise in hatred to the teachings of diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI), which he suggests simplifies the world into oppressors and oppressed, fostering division and victimhood competitions rather than promoting genuine understanding and collaboration.

To hear more of Christopher Lochhead’s thoughts on 2023 and his wish for the coming year, download and listen to this episode.


Christopher Lochhead


CNN: The nation’s largest credit union rejected more than half its Black conventional mortgage applicants

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