The Living Room with Joanna Weaver

The Living Room with Joanna Weaver

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TLR 133: She’s Not Your Enemy with Jenn Schultz
April 24, 2024

Let's be honest...building friendships with other women can be difficult! Even as Christians, fear of rejection, insecurity and the snare of compare often make us hold each other at a distance. - In t

TLR 132: Taking Leaps of Faith for God with Rachel G. Scott
April 10, 2024

Is God calling you to take a leap of faith? It's risky stepping out when God calls...but its even riskier not to obey. In this episode of The Living Room, Rachel G. Scott shares from her book, Taking

TLR 131: Braving Change with Andi Andrew
March 27, 2024

Change can be exciting, but it can also be hard. But God promises to be with us every step of the way. In today's episode of The Living Room, Andi Andrew shares from her book, Braving Change: Release

TLR 130: Practice the Presence of Jesus with Joni Eareckson Tada
March 13, 2024

As Christians, we know that Jesus is with us... But sometimes we live as though He's far away. A destination we have to reach rather than a Friend who lives within us. - In this episode of The Living

TLR 129: Wanting God with All Your Heart with Lisa Whittle
February 28, 2024

Is your spiritual hunger where you want it to be? In a world filled with distractions, our appetite for God can be sedated with lesser things. But God is stirring a hunger in the heart of His people.

TLR 128: The Story Behind My Utmost for His Highest with Michelle Ule
February 07, 2024

His words have impacted millions of Christians... But Oswald Chambers' classic devotional might not have ever been written had it not been for his wife. What a loss that would have been! For through t

TLR 127: Soul-Deep Beauty with Melissa Johnson
January 24, 2024

We're surrounded by messages from culture... Messages that tell us that beauty is the highest goal. That if we'd only wear the right clothes, but the right beauty products, then we'd feel fulfilled. -

TLR 126: Life-Changing Lessons I Learned in 2023
January 10, 2024

End-of-year planning often focuses on what went wrong... But what if we focused on what went right? - That's what I did last month, and what I discovered was amazing! Though I haven't experienced free

TLR 125: Looking Back & Moving Forward in 2024 with Joanna Weaver
December 27, 2023

Tis the season of goal-setting and making plans for the new year... But we often miss the most important part! In this episode of The Living Room with Joanna Weaver, I share four powerful questions t

124: How to Build a Faith That Will Not Fail with Michele Cushatt
December 13, 2023

Do you have a formula Christianity? The approach that, if I do a and I do b, then God has to do c? The problem with formula Christianity is that it doesn't work. Life tends to mess with it and God isn