Living in the 70s

Living in the 70s

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It’s money that I love
June 25, 2022

EOFY is here! This week Marty and Venetia are busy doing a stocktake, balancing the books and getting ready for the auditors. To keep us company we’ve put together a... LEARN MORE

Venetia’s year – 1978
June 18, 2022

Hi Last week Marty asked Venetia to pick her favourite year of the 70s. This proved impossible, but she thought 1978 was pretty great. So this week all of the... LEARN MORE

British jubilee!
June 11, 2022

Most of Australia is having a long weekend right now, celebrating the Queen’s birthday. And this week the Commonwealth’s longest reigning Monarch is celebrating her platinum jubilee. To mark the... LE

Question Time
June 09, 2022

Recently here in Australia we elected a new Federal government. A big feature of government is parliamentary question time. And of course we all have some questions we could like... LEARN MORE

Double A
May 28, 2022

Remember vinyl singles? Those little round packages of joy. Usually with an A side and a B side – but not always. Some artists and record companies had such faith... LEARN MORE

Hall of fame
May 21, 2022

According to the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame “rock connects us”. Formed in the early 80s, the organisation’s  aim is to celebrate, educate and engage us all in the... LEARN MORE

Counting the years, Australian edition
May 14, 2022

After doing our decade of music show last week,  Marty and Venetia realised we didn’t have any Australian content. So this week we decided to feature a decade of Australian... LEARN MORE

Counting the years
May 07, 2022

This week Marty and Venetia choose a song from each year of the 1970s to take us through the decade and the show. Picking just one track to represent a... LEARN MORE

What’s her name again?
April 30, 2022

Seems like no matter how deep we mine, we simply can’t run out of songs from the Seventies with a name in the title. Most often a woman’s name, but... LEARN MORE

Antipodean delights
April 23, 2022

This week Australia marks ANZAC day and remembers the terrible cost paid by Australian citizens participating in armed conflict around the world. In recognition of this, here at Living in... LEARN MOR