Living in the 70s

Living in the 70s

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The A to Z of Seventies music, part one
April 21, 2024

We love a theme challenge here at Living in the Seventies. A little while ago the team from Saturday Breakfast gave us the idea to create some shows using the... LEARN MORE

Happy birthday to me
April 14, 2024

Last week we celebrated Martys birthday, this week its Venetias turn. All of the tracks this week have been chosen by Marty in Venetias honour. Did he choose as well... LEARN MORE

Happy birthday to you
April 07, 2024

Its Martys birthday! To celebrate, this week all of the tracks have been chosen by Venetia in Martys honour. Did she choose well? Marty will be the judge. Happy birthday... LEARN MORE

Let’s get spiritual
March 30, 2024

Its that time of year again, when in recognition of a certain event on the Christian calendar (though with deeply pagan roots), we trawl through the Seventies musical canon for... LEARN MORE

Even more up close and personal
March 24, 2024

We had so much fun travelling down memory lane last week, paying track from artists we have seen live, that we though we would do it again. This week we... LEARN MORE

Up close and personal
March 16, 2024

Theres nothing quite like seeing your favourite musicians play live. This week our hosts remember concerts theyve been to, featuring artists who were releasing music in the Seventies. Its a... LEAR

Howdy Pardner
March 09, 2024

This show aired on Chill Out Festival Sunday, the festival in Daylesford in country Victoria that marks the end of Pride festivities and events for the year. To honour this... LEARN MORE

Scales, fur and feathers
March 02, 2024

This week our show aired on World Wildlife Day, so we thought we would feature songs with some kind of animal in the title. Not all of the animals are... LEARN MORE

Whistle while you work
February 25, 2024

Aaah work. We all have to do it at some stage in our lives. Sometimes we love it, sometimes its a grind, but everybody has to pay the bills somehow.... LEARN MORE

Get your boogie on
February 17, 2024

On this weeks show were getting down, were getting it on, were steaming up the dance floor, and were having a boogie. So if your toes are tapping and you... LEARN MORE