Live Your Best Life

Live Your Best Life

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Jeffrey Shaw
February 06, 2023

Jeffrey Shaw has never ever had a real job nor a traditional paycheck. From selling eggs door-to-door at the age of 14 to becoming a renowned portrait photographer, today he is considered the go to

Trisha Pérez Kennealy
January 30, 2023

It's never too late to create a second chapter and Trisha Prez Kennealy has done just that. She had a successful career in the finance industry only to give it all up after 9/11 and follow her passio

Vanessa Yakobson
January 16, 2023

Never allow life's challenges to stop you from reaching for the stars. That is the mantra Vanessa Yakobson lives by. After battling and beating childhood cancer, Vanessa believes it gave her a new s

Andrea Isabelle Lucas
January 09, 2023

Andrea Isabelle Lucas was once a broke, single, teenage mom, a former stripper and a victim of domestic violence who relied on food stamps for groceries. Today she runs her own business that brings in

Luke Iorio
January 02, 2023

As a former CEO, now turned entrepreneur, Luke Iorio knew he was burned out. He went in search of what matters, and in the process, found himself. - I just recognized that I had strayed far from what

Kristen Standish
December 19, 2022

Be authentic, get behind something you love and are passionate about. That is the mantra Kristen Standish lives by. She is an accomplished leader in driving sales for a variety of media ventures ov

Jean Oelwang
December 05, 2022

Some of the most successful people in the world have a superpower. It's not their expertise, nor their experience. In fact, it's something that we can all create to live a meaningful life: deep connec

Scott Harrison
November 28, 2022

For my 100th episode, I'm inviting you to celebrate this milestone with me in a special way. Scott Harrison, founder and CEO of Charity: Water, is here to tell you that redemption is possible and toge

Jen Royle
November 21, 2022

Jen Royle is a former Emmy award-winning sports reporter-turned-chef and restaurateur, a former contestant on ABCs The Taste and Food Network's Beat Bobby Flay. Today she is having tremendous suc

Mitzi Perdue
November 07, 2022

Mitzi Perdue is living one of the most fascinating lives. Besides being a hotel heiress, Mitzi has made a name for herself as a businesswoman, an award-winning author of 27 books, and a speaker. And i