Live Like A Champ!

Live Like A Champ!

Latest Episodes

Episode 3 - Modeling/Mentorship
February 19, 2019

Living like a champ is not just about our success, it's about modeling a lifestyle others can follow. And to be that effective model we need to find mentors that can take us to higher levels.

Episode 2 - Fear
January 30, 2019

What is Fear? How do we overcome it? This episode gives you 2 foundational insights to dealing with fear.

Episode 1 - Is that a dream or a goal?
January 22, 2019

On our first episode we ask the challenging question of, "Is that a dream or a goal?" Our response and plan of action will determine which one it will be. This episode offers insights form Triple H and Richard Brunson along with my goals for 2018. Let's b