Lindsey Waggoner's Relationship Dimes

Lindsey Waggoner's Relationship Dimes

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Episode 8: The Pursuit with Jon Setzer
January 27, 2019

Another powerful and worthwhile episode coming your way. Tonight we spoke with Jon Setzer (@Real_JonSetz), a former Storm football player, husband, father, and philanthropist. Jon talks in depth about where he was, young and immature in relationships, to

*College Conversations* with Maddie Tominello
January 20, 2019

Maddie Tominello (@madisontominello), a college soccer player from Colorado Springs, Colorado, tells about her relationship experience. Maddie’s heart felt story before Christ and how that affects her now boyfriend, is a captivating story. A story filled

Why I'm still a virgin: Interviewing the host Lindsey Waggoner
January 12, 2019

This week on Relationship Dimes, the table turns and the host, Lindsey, is now in the hot seat. On this episode, Lindsey will share her journey and testimony; how she dated a married man on accident, how she's managed to stay a virgin for 31 years, and he

*College Conversations* with Blake Savey
January 06, 2019

Dating and love in college is hard! Not only do you need to balance school, sports, and family, but there's also normally a strong desire to have a relationship. Listen to Augustana student Blake Savey (@BSavey) as he describes how he fell in love his fre

*New Year's Episode* Heartache and Redemption: A conversation with Coach B
December 30, 2018

Depression and redemption: Listen to how Chris Buckley (Coach B) went from losing his wife of 20 years and falling into deep depression, to finding redemption through Christ, getting remarried to the woman of his dreams, and starting a new business and ca

*Holiday Edition* Tempation and love: A conversation with Mariah Logan
December 23, 2018

What happens when you break-up with "the one" over the holidays? What are your thoughts and feelings when you're dating and in love, but not ready for a physical relationship? We answer these questions and more on tonight's episode with my friend Mariah L

Lindsey's Holiday Monologue
December 21, 2018

Sometimes the holidays aren't always as happy as we'd like to imagine. Many people experience heartbreak, loneliness, and sadness, especially during the holiday season. The episode is Lindsey's take on the topic and tips to help strengthen your faith and

Episode 1: *Holiday Edition* College Conversations with Jackie Turner
December 16, 2018

New holiday episode on College Conversations where we sit down with Jackie Turner (@JackieTurner7), a junior at Augustana College. We tackle difficult conversations like being single over the holidays, feeling not good enough, and dealing with sexual sin.