Lil Intro-Vert Podcast ✨⚡️

Lil Intro-Vert Podcast ✨⚡️

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It’s Cannabis Awareness Month!!
April 09, 2019

It’s Cannabis Awareness Month y’all so these next few episodes I’m dedicated it to all 4/20 friendly topics

Latinx Business Babes & Coffee High
March 30, 2019

Episode 12 brings you into the world of a latinx women and there fabulous businesses!! I talk about local latinx shops and how you can bring trillions of cash money into your our community. I give highlights and give insight to local latinx woman and ther

Introverts Travel Guide & Memphis BBQ
March 24, 2019

Episode 11 !!! I’m BAACCKK from Memphis y’all and in this episode I bring you some dope tips on how to travel while staying low key. I give some shout outs to some of my favorite people, how I got BBQ wasted and how to get over a known and annoying fear.

Nature Vs Nurture ( Are you born an introvert?)
March 14, 2019

Episode 10!! This episode takes a dive into a scientific debate on whether biology or your environment plays a role on adult behaviors. Especially being an introvert, I find out whether it comes from my momma or just my environment! Pretty cool facts in t

Social Media Networking and being a wallflower
March 08, 2019

Episode 9 is about being an adult introvert and trying to network with other creatives. Having a business and being a shy bird doesn’t mix so well so I give some tips on putting our lil shy selfs out there while building a brand. ( I gotta take my own adv

Special episode! Interview w/ artist CoolKidBrit!
February 22, 2019

Episode ocho is a very special one ! I get to interview artist CoolKidBrit about her artistry and how being an ambivert ( I’m pretty sure I didn’t pronounce it correctly lol) effects her daily life. Also she gives some insight of how she balances being so

Introvert or Weather
February 16, 2019

In this short episode we get into why us indoor peeps need to go TF outside and get some sun. Also I tell you why West Willy (Philly) is a weird but dope place to go sight seeing.

Science bae and the difference between extroverts and introverts.
February 08, 2019

Today’s episode Nat explores the wonders of the internet to find out scientific facts on the differences between introverts and extroverts and she also shares some ways to get your body right.

Blast From The Past And Bad Trips
February 01, 2019

This episode jumps into the past and we reflect on how some recreational drugs do help with coming out our shy shells and how some don’t do a gosh dame thing. [ Don’t Do Drugs] And I also tell y’all why Cannabis holds a special place in my heart.

How tf do adults make friends nowadays?
January 26, 2019

This episode is about the wonders of how TF do adults make friends and how being so introverted went from becoming a burden to low key a blessing in finding self worth.