Light of the Spirit Podcast

Light of the Spirit Podcast

Podcast: The Esoteric Side of Good and Bad Association

May 24, 2021

Darshan: Literally “sight” or “seeing;” vision, literal and metaphysical. Darshan is the seeing of a holy being as well as the blessing received by seeing such a one.
Satsanga: Literally: “company with Truth.” Association with godly-minded persons. The company of saints and devotees.
Asatsanga: the company of the unholy and the worldly–in the form of people who have no interest in spiritual life, as well as books, magazines, television, radio, and motion pictures that are centered on material consciousness.
In today’s podcast, Abbot George discusses the inner mechanism of how the senses affect us, and how external connections influence our inner make-up, for good or ill. He begins by talking about the positive effect of darshan and satsanga, recounting his own experiences with holy people. He shares the stories of:

* The criminal who visited Swami Sivananda of Rishikesh against his will, and the surprising result.
* The effect of visiting Anandamayi Ma, both on others who Abbot George witnessed, and his own unusual side-effect of darshan of Ma.
* The dangers of association with negative people and why to avoid them, including his experience of the shy college girl he knew of who got into bad company, and what resulted.

And much more.
If you don’t see the podcast player below, listen to The Esoteric Side of Good and Bad Association here. The podcast is about 16 minutes long.