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Light Hearted 277 – Horton Point, NY, and “The Lady Lighthouse Keeper”
May 12, 2024

Horton Point Lighthouse, photo by Jeremy D'Entremont Horton Point Lighthouse is on the north side of eastern Long Island, New York, in the area known as the North Fork. The granite and brick buildi

Light Hearted ep 276 – Maine Maritime Museum and Sounds of the Maine Coast
May 05, 2024

Dianne Ballon Located in the historic shipbuilding city of Bath, Maine, the Maine Maritime Museum includes exhibits dedicated to the past, present, and future of Maine's storied waterways. For ligh

Light Hearted ep 275 – U.S. Lighthouse Society founder Wayne Wheeler, part 2 of 2
April 28, 2024

Sally and Wayne Wheeler This is part two of a two part interview with Wayne and Sally Wheeler, recorded in Washington state in March 2024. Wayne is a former Coast Guard officer who founded the U.S.

Light Hearted ep 274 – U.S. Lighthouse Society founder Wayne Wheeler, part 1 of 2
April 21, 2024

Wayne Wheeler in 1983 The name Wayne Wheeler has become synonymous with lighthouse preservation and education. Hes one of the pioneers of the lighthouse preservation movement and one of the foremo

Light Hearted ep 273 – Edward Peppitt, author and host of the “Keeping Watch” podcast
April 14, 2024

Edward Peppitt is the southeast England representative for the Association of Lighthouse Keepers, or ALK, and he produces and hosts a podcast called Keeping Watch. Hes also a fundraising ambassador f

Light Hearted 272 – Gene Davis, director of Coast Guard Museum Northwest
April 07, 2024

Gene Davis with a fourth-order Fresnel lens from New Dungeness Lighthouse, Washington. The Coast Guard Museum Northwest, located on an active Coast Guard base on the waterfront in Seattle, Washingt

Light Hearted ep 271 – Tony Ashdon, Coast Guard lightkeeper
March 31, 2024

Tony Ashdon (left) with Light Hearted host Jeremy D'Entremont. Photo by John Lopez The guest in this episode, Tony Ashdon, spent 22 years in the Coast Guard including some time as a lighthouse keep

Light Hearted ep 270 – Emily Straight and Vince Bailey, “The Lighthouse Lowdown”
March 24, 2024

The podcast "The Lighthouse Lowdown" was launched in 2022 by two residents of Kansas City, Missouri, Emily Straight and Vince Bailey. To date they have published almost 50 episodes, covering history,

Light Hearted ep 269 – Buzz Hoerr and the Michigan Lighthouse Alliance
March 17, 2024

Harbor Beach Lighthouse, Michigan (USLHS archives) The Michigan Lighthouse Alliance (MLA), founded in 2003, encompasses more than 50 preservation groups and lighthouse stakeholders from around the

Light Hearted Lite #2 – Joseph Smith & his portrayal of Augustin Fresnel
March 13, 2024

This is an edited version of an interview that was featured in Light Hearted episode 44 in January 2020. Joseph Smithhas been a theatrical performer based in New York City since 1995. His passion is