LifePoint Church of Ann Arbor

LifePoint Church of Ann Arbor

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MythBusters: "Church is for Good People"
October 01, 2017

We can believe that church is only for good people...until we look at Jesus and his vision for church. 

MythBusters: "Jesus is White"
September 24, 2017

We emphatically do NOT believe that Jesus is white, but some assume Christians believe the myth that Jesus is white. Today's message addresses racism and the need for the church to connect, listen, acknowledge, and lead as we follow the real Jesus.

MythBusters: "The Bible is a Myth
September 17, 2017

Many people believe the Bible is Myth. Today's message will examine that myth and propose some responses.

MythBusters: "The Church is Irrelevant"
September 10, 2017

Many people believe that the church is simply irrelevant to our world. Today's message will examine that myth in the light of history, scripture, and our own situation.

Ready for What's Next?
September 03, 2017

How do you prepare for the journey ahead? Whether its a new season, a new part of your life, or just the beginning a new day, today's message will help you pack for the journey. We'll look at Genesis 12:1-15 and consider how to best prepare for wh

Dealing with Agendas (others and your own)
August 27, 2017

Agendas hit us like a blast of hot air. How do we stay cool under pressure? Other people have expectations for us, and we have our own agendas for ourselves. But God has an agenda, and his is about peace, rest, and joy. Today's message looks at one of

Dealing with Anxiety
August 20, 2017

When anxiety rises within us or our friends, we need something better to say than "stop it!" This message explores what the Bible says about dealing with worry, and is part of our three part series called HeatWave: Staying Cool When the Pressure is High.

HeatWave: Anger
August 13, 2017

Here is practical Biblical wisdom on dealing with the HeatWave of Anger with suggestions for how to stay cool when the pressure is high.

Look Up`
July 30, 2017

Lead Pastor Dave Collins shares his heart from Psalm 121

Guest Speaker Larry Thompson
July 23, 2017

Guest Speaker Larry Thompson shares his practical wisdom from years of volunteer jail chaplaincy with incarcerated men and women.