Life Continuing

Life Continuing

Physical Mediumship & Orb Magic with Dr. Christina Rawls | S5 E4

January 27, 2023

Dr. Christina Rawls was a clinical counselor & Philosophy professor for many years. 

An empath since birth, Christina felt it was time to pursue professional trance mediumship in 2021, not only for the healing, joy & continued understanding that is always a part of any real mediumship practice for all, but also because orb spirits have been appearing in photos since 2007.

 In 2022, Christina started doing trance figuration & presented a live spirit photography demonstration at the annual IANDS conference in Salt Lake City, UT. 

Her practice as an evidential trance medium has now grown to include public gatherings in multiple states in the U.S. & she continues to study with other professional mediums & learn more about her physical mediumship from well established mediums such as Suzanne Giesemann, Mychael Shane & Warren Caylor. 

Dr. Rawls has also been vetted for the past year with over 80 practice 

hours with other mediums by VerySoul. 

Here is my conversation with Dr. Rawls all about physical mediumship, it’s history and healing potential. 

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