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Life With Dementia

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Dementia vs. The World
July 01, 2021

World Health Organization is taking on the mountain of dementia in global action. Guest Kavitha Kolappa discusses her work on a knowledge exchange platform with the World Health Organization. This pro

This Is Not the End
May 25, 2021

The truth is people can live well with Alzheimers. That's the message Arthena Caston and Jay Reinstein want you to hear. Listen to the voice of lived experience as two outspoken Alzheimer advocates s

Cog @ Work:
March 19, 2021

Exploring Employer Perspectives

My Father’s Diagnosis of Dementia Opened My Eyes
February 28, 2021

Lisa Poole, founder of magazine, shares her personal journey to awareness of a fragmented health system and the importance of aligning expectations with true understanding.

Love is All You Need
January 12, 2021

Maybe the Beatles had it right after all. Can creating dementia friendly communities and age friendly communities really be as simple as giving love? Hear from Jennifer Mallamo and the wise words she shares around treating others with love, patience,...

How Can Artificial Intelligence, Smart Phones and Google Help Dementia?
December 02, 2020

Combining the voice of dementia into technology development can offer huge potential for mobile health giants. Hear from Dr. Joon Lee at the Cumming School of Medicine, a national leader in brain and mental health research, talk about the important...

Taking Research Into Real Life
October 31, 2020

Hear from research duo, Dr. Jennifer Watt and Dr. Zahra Goodarzi as they share their story about comparing hundreds of research cases to create best level evidence and help their geriatric patients,

September 08, 2020

for September 2020

24. Pulling Creative Spirit Into Long-Term Care
August 11, 2020

Long-term care environments are often viewed as institutional settings. Find out what we can do to change that and support environments that are full of creative spirit. Guest: Dr. Habib Chaudhury. Life With Dementia is a proud member of...

23. Has COVID-19 been ALL gloom and doom?
July 14, 2020

No one has gone untouched by the global crisis of COVID-19; but what has come out of this that might actually be better? Thats the topic we are hitting today with Cindy Bond of the Alzheimer's Societ