Life Lessons from Jesus

Life Lessons from Jesus

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Ep8 Why God Chose to Take on Human Flesh
January 04, 2023

Father Len explains that God became one of us to establish a different religion because 2000 years of religion based on laws, regulations, and teachings from the prophets on how to love wasn’t working

Ep7 What is a friend?
September 08, 2022

Father Len explores what Jesus and the Bible have to say about friends and friendship and why friends are vital to growth, survival, and discovering and becoming who were meant to be. Donate to Wres

Ep6 Trees, Food, Worship, and Eternal Life
August 11, 2022

Father Len explains why trees are so prominent in the Bible and how they symbolize and reveal the path to eternal life including the choices we need to make and the food we need to eat along the way.

Ep5 The Purpose of Worship
July 12, 2022

Father Len explores the history of worship and reveals that all worship and its purpose come from the Bible. - Highlights, Ideas, and Wisdom The word liturgy means worship or how to worship. We wor

Ep4 What divides and unites us?
June 15, 2022

Father Len takes a deep dive into what divides us and what unites us. He introduces us to Communio, the one thing that can unite us forever and where to find it. - Highlights, Ideas and Wisdom Commun

Ep3 The Purpose of Prayer
May 06, 2022

Father Len explores two Bible stories about the purpose of prayer beginning with the time the disciples ask him to teach them how to pray. - Highlights, Ideas, and Wisdom Father Len shares a fun stor

Ep2 The Religion of Jesus
May 03, 2022

Father Len explores the Bible story of a wealthy and powerful man and a bankrupt and outcast old woman. Both seeking healing from Jesus. The story reveals the essence of the religion of Jesus and puts

Ep1 How to Love like Christ
April 26, 2022

Father Len unpacks three Bible stories about love and illustrates the traits God will help us develop, and well surely need, if we are to love like Christ. - Highlights, Ideas, and Wisdom When Jesus