Becoming Apparent with Bryan Gallagher

Becoming Apparent with Bryan Gallagher

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A Suprising Life
April 02, 2020

Anna and I discuss the amazing celebration she helped bring together for me for my 40th birthday and find it leads into sharing how our love has been blossoming into what it is, and how we are navigating these times of uncertainty. With Love and Immense H

Happy Birthday Anna...
September 21, 2019

Living so far apart in these moments of life doesn't offer me the easiest of opportunities to touch my lovely soul companion... and yet how can I not gift her with my touch on her birthday! I may not have a birthday cake for you (oh how she loves the swee

(Live Podcast) — A Journey For Marriage
September 07, 2019

Anna and I have the most amazing relationship inside the most unorthodox  dynamic. For me it's incredible because it is rooted in the very  perspective I live from. One of vision beyond appearances. One that is  not fantasy or "make believe

Loves First Look
July 19, 2019

We begin with everyone where we began. Loving openly with no idea where our love would take us. May our love reach every heart it needs to and act as it does in our life. Rejuvenating, healing, and liberating the core of our souls into who we are so we ar

What's Between Us is Ridiculous
January 26, 2019

I would love to be alone with everyone in the world. Who knew I could. As I give insight into how I explore the space between myself, myself and you, and the insight and love it brings through for every-one. As this is simply between you and I, a wonderfu