Liberty and Prosperity

Liberty and Prosperity

Immigration, Crime Surge, Lousy School Grades, Pensions.

December 10, 2022

Real news tells you the most important facts about events and public issues, so you the citizen, and form opinions on what to do about them.

From DEC 10 2022 WPG Radio show.

Propaganda only gives you important facts that support one particular political narrative or agenda. And it leaves out other important facts. By doing this, you get a false sense of the truth.

Immigration: No need for immigration laws when America founded. One month to sail from Europe to America. Steam ships after Civil War changed everything. Massive Immigration 1880 to World War One. – Problems. Depressed wages. Poverty. Slums, Strikes. Hardship.

Years of debate. Unions and middle class wanted limits on immigration. Big corporations want mass immigration and low wages.

Immigration stopped completely during World War One. After World War One to 1965: 200,000 Immigrants per year. That limitation on immigration, not unions, created the American middle class in the 1920’s. Wages increased. Labor got expensive. Factory owners invented new machines to make workers more productive.

Even during Depression, most Americans had more wealth than any other country in world.

Everything changed when Lyndon Johnson and Ted Kennedy Democrats increased legal immigration.

Crime/Racism: “University of Pennsylvania student attacked in Center City; female suspect sought. Violent and unprovoked attack on 23 year old at Broad and Spruce on Sunday, November 20, at 12 Noon. Same female suspect did the same thing to another young woman on a SEPTA train at 15th Street. September 1: Attacked another woman at Spring Garden.

Captain Rodger Wells of the SEPTA Police said, “She definitely has to be suffering from some kind of mental illness”.

2. Black young woman.
3. No description in news story.
4. No talk of hate crime
5. No talk of what could possibly be in the media or rap music, or movies like Django Unchained that could possibly motivate this.

Last October: “Murder Charge Linked To Failed Promotion”. “A North Philadelphia man, disgruntled at being denied a promotion at FedEX ambushed and killed the instructor who made the decision not to promote him”.

1. No mention of race
2. No suggestion that this is a hate crime.
3. No discussion of why a black man would hate a white man bad enough to kill him.

Last year, there was a scuffle between a patron and a uniformed security guard at a rowdy party at a restaurant in Deptford, New Jersey. There were days of national news coverage in which every headline mentioned that the patron was black and the security guard was white, and that the white security guard was from Virginia.

Distorted reality: There is racism in America because of hatred by whites against blacks. v. Black History. Amistad Project: Fake History is even worse than Fake news because they people who are lied about are dead and can’t complain about the bias.

Gun control: The Gay Nightclub shooter in Colorado Springs had been reported to the FBI one year earlier for threatening to kill is mom and threatening to kill hi grandparents. Even worse, his motive for wanting to kill his grandparents was that they were planning to move to Florida and disrupt his plans to do a mass shooting and bombing in Colorado.

Governor Murphy running for President. Checking off all the boxes to be qualified by woke Democrats:

Radical abortion bill legalizing abortions without special health emergency for mother or birth defects in baby during 8th and 9th months.

Radical new restrictions on legal gun owners

Wind farms? Wind factories? 3,500 megawatts by 2030, 7,500 megawatts by 2035, 11,000 megawatts by 2040, 100% clean energy economy by 2050. Each wind turbine has 12 megawatts. 900 wind turbines at $10 million each $9 billion dollars?

Pension funds invested in “woke” corporations. NJ Pension funds designed to be insolvent. No connection between what you contribute and what you get. 401K and IRA.