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Liberty and Prosperity

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Sex & Gender Curriculum at NJ Grade Schools
September 10, 2022

So if you're in Egg Harbor Township, if you're in Atlantic City, what did your school board do? - But what the real story is, is these same standards are being rained rammed down in every other school

Richard Somers, American Hero from Somers Point
August 30, 2022

Richard Somers of Somers Point was a true American hero.  At one time, every school child was taught his story. Now, Richard Somers is cancelled. His remarkable story is forgotten. - There are many re

NAACP Convention in Atlantic City
July 21, 2022

The NAACP (National Association for the Advancement of Colored People) is holding its 113th National Convention in Atlantic City, New Jersey.  Its website claims that its “workshops and discussions” w

July 4, Local 54, Polistina and Murphy Budget
July 02, 2022

July 4 is not just Independence Day.  It is American Independence Day.   It is different and better than anybody else’s Independence Day. - a.     Many countries have an independence day.  Haiti, Mexi

Roe v Wade, Abortion, Biased Media Coverage.
June 27, 2022

From the June 25, 2022 appearance of Seth Grossman on the John Demasi Radio show, WPG 1450 am. - Supreme Court overruled Roe vs. Wade yesterday. It did not make abortion illegal. It said that abortion

Trump vs DeSantis, Casino PILOT Lawsuits, AC LGBTQ+ Nepotism
June 22, 2022

Seth Grossman raises eyebrows. Compares Donald Trump to Ron DeSantis. - Donald Trump needs to learn the business of politics. - A little disappointed in Trump says Grossman. - Politics is a team sport

Summer Blackouts, Power Failures and the Green Scheme
June 13, 2022

Democrats and the media say we will have massive blackouts and power failures this summer. They say this is because of global warming and climate change. That is another big lie. If we have blackouts,

Dealing with Woke Companies
June 12, 2022

I’m a customer of Bank of America. I also invest in stock funds managed by Blackrock. Individual customers like me, and business and government agencies and pension funds have roughly two trillion dol

Juneteenth Holiday on June 19
June 12, 2022

The new federal holiday of Juneteenth should remind us that slavery ended in America because of forty years of struggle and sacrifice by whites and blacks alike. Whites in the north fought to keep sla

California Reparations
June 12, 2022

Last month, California’s state government made a new law. It will force everyone who is white, Asian, and Hispanic to pay quote “comprehensive reparations” to almost everyone who is black. It says thi