Latest Episodes

10: Banks & drug deals
November 15, 2019

Russell tries to buy a train set. Jon facilitates a drug deal.

9: Getting fired & falling overboard
September 10, 2019

Jon pranks someone who loves his off-color drawings. Russell is desperate for attention in Germany and ends up in the ocean.

8: Stimulating bunnies & eating pizza
July 25, 2019

Russell shows off his pet rabbit with disastrous consequences. Jon backs up his car in the snow with disastrous consequences.

7: Smokers & singers
June 27, 2019

A young Jon buys cigarettes for Christmas. A young Russell tries to sing in a choir.

6: Web designing & bootlegging
May 09, 2019

Russell pays his taxes and gets into trouble. Jon doesn't pay his taxes and gets away with it.

5: Stabbers & choppers
April 24, 2019

Russell gets arrested and can't remember his age. Jon refuses to make eye contact with a man who is an unknown distance away.

4: Teachers & estate agents
March 13, 2019

Jon describes his schoolboy pranks. Russell shares a beer with an estate agent, but we have to censor the reason why.

3: Swedish blizzards & do-it-yourself
February 21, 2019

Russell gets lost in the snow and requires police assistance. Jon's dad knows why a gutter is better than a bucket.

2: Killing bunnies & hanging drywall
February 04, 2019

Jon no longer feels bad about a killing spree. Russell goes undercover and learns what a hammer is.

1: Child labor & hot-line action
January 23, 2019

Russell’s mum gets discounted piano lessons in exchange for child labor. Jon reveals his one weird trick to cheer up depressives.