Let's Think On It

Let's Think On It

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Black Lives, Neo-Diversity, And Social Psychology
June 22, 2020

Interview with Diversity Expert Rupert Nacoste PhD

On Growing Up Black In The U.S.
June 15, 2020

Three Individuals share their perspectives

Race Relations - Brain Bias (Re-release)
June 15, 2020

Overcoming Our Brains Natural Tendency To Group And Form Implicit Biases

Coronavirus COVID-19 -From viral biology to human psychology
March 22, 2020

Interview with UAB Biology Chair Steven Austad and Psychiatrist Mark Westfall about the coronavirus

Get the Facts : Birmingham Mayor and AL State Representative discuss latest government responses to Coronavirus
March 22, 2020

Calmness and Community Cooperation for Social Distancing predominate

Coronavirus COVID-19 - Quest for a vaccine
March 13, 2020

Interview with virus expert and vaccine scientist Landon Westfall PhD

Coronavirus COVID-19- What is all the fuss about?
March 13, 2020

Interview with infectious disease expert Stephen Threlkeld MD

Homelessness - Perspective From A Shelter's Director
February 23, 2020

An interview with Anne Rygiel of Firehouse Ministries in Birmingham AL

Guns and Mental Illness
September 06, 2019

What is going on with Mass Shootings?

Addiction - The Science of Liking and Wanting
July 29, 2019

Basic Animal behavior sheds light on Addiction