Let's Talk About Sets!

Let's Talk About Sets!

Bonus Episode 002 – Kevin Froleiks

January 23, 2017

This is a bonus episode, which means it was recorded before Harrison Tweed become the permanent co-host and while Jeff was still figuring out this podcasting jazz.*

Jeff McBride and Sandip Sen hosted this episode, and they couldn't get over how clever Kevin's abstract associations were in his featured bit, called, "The Boys From Brazil." They talk about how long it can take to make those connections and the importance of long-term bit development.

Kevin Froleiks is rapid fire. A hysterical writer and performer, he's wildly prolific. The words just don't stop, neither on the page or in conversation. He thinks in jokes. He's also quite the musician, as evidenced by the Lewis & Clark musical he wrote and produced. Oh, and he's part of Clip Show: A Sketch Show (with Jeff).

Featured bits in this episode:
- John Mulaney – Blacking Out and Making Money (The Top Part, 2009)
- Brian Regan – Hearing (All by Myself, 2010)
- Kevin Froleiks - The Boys From Brazil

Special thanks to John Mulaney, Brian Regan, and (as always) Salt 'N Peppa for all of our wildly fair use.

Lastly, you can check out Kevin Froleiks' numerous projects on his website, kfcomedy.com. Have a listen to his podcast with the undeniably funny Patrick Reilly, We Wrote A Musical. Or if you're the learned type, mosey on over to Let's Read Together with Kevin Froleiks, where Kevin and a guest expertly review great literary works they've never read (Jeff reviewed "Great Expectations").