Let's Just Talk!

Let's Just Talk!

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Can Chemical Abortion be dangerous? -Healthcare for Seniors-Propane School Busses
March 03, 2023

CompassCare CEO Jim Harden is our first guest today. He addresses the new numbers surrounding abortion, particularly the chemical kind and new numbers revealing how much chemical abortion is put into

Childrens Author New Book -Healthcare-Clearner Fuel for School Busses Propane
February 23, 2023

Our first guest today is Becky A. Johns children’s author. Today she discusses her newest book, "God Made Me Washable. Second guest Dr. Richard Smith, Regional Vice President for Health Services for H

First Cause and Vet Rest non profits new book Hello, Head, Meet Heart,
February 16, 2023

Our first guests Dan York, Founder of nonprofit that provides healing for veterans suffering from PostTraumatic Stress (PTS) places vets on tiny farms teaching them farming skills and provide a safe-h

The Candidates running for Treasurer and Chairman for REC Election in Palm Beach County
December 12, 2022

Steve Byers is running for Treasurer for Palm Beach County REC. Entrepreneur, started technology consulting business, developed businesses in aviation, real estate, education, beekeeping, and insuranc

"A Heart’s Journey to Forgiveness" and Protecting the Ones that Protect US.
November 12, 2022

My first guest is Terese Luikens, author of A Hearts Journey to Forgiveness, a Memoir of her life living with an Alcoholic Father and forgiving him. My second guest today is Michael Letts, Presiden

New Book Devil's Calling-Energy Conservation- New Options Enlarged Prostate
November 01, 2022

Michael Kelley, author of The Lost Theory& The Devils Calling. He will discuss his new book, "The Devils Calling. "Colonel Martin Naranjo, Director of the Army Reserve Installation Management Dir

Christian Authors and Publisher Faith Based Media and Winterize home
October 14, 2022

Shane Crabtree, (COO) Carpenter Son Publishing, Christian book Services. Authors Marta Greenman & Maureen Maldonado discuss their new book. Dr.Rajeev Jain, Gastroenterologist discusses Bowel Health. M

Victor! New BookThe Final Battle of Ulysses S. Grant-Rail Safety-Back to School Money Saving Tips
September 24, 2022

My first guest is Dr. Craig Von Buseck, a published author. Today he will discuss his latest book "Victor! The Final Battle of Ulysses S. Grant." My second guest is Will Miller the public safety direc

Writers & Illustrators of the Future Contest-529 Plans for Education
June 30, 2022

John and Emily Goodwin discuss the upcoming L Ron Hubbards Writers of the Future and Illustrators of the Future Contest of 2022 and 2023. Writers of the Future Volume 38. Steve Rueschhoff of Edward J

Dreama Denver Memoir “Gilligan’s Dreams”- Jotham Stein “Negotiate Like a CEO
June 14, 2022

1st guest is Dreama Denver today Actress, writer, radio station owner and personality. Dreama discusses her new Memoir, Gilligans Dreams, which recounts her almost 30-year marriage to Bob Denver. 2