Let's Freak Out.

Let's Freak Out.

Latest Episodes

E08: Shoelace Garroting a Rotisserie Chicken
April 26, 2019

Emily starts off by recanting a case study from her senior thesis, featuring Dr. Thomas Gill, a medical examiner with a shady past. Afterwards, Grace tries to piece together the mysterious death of Richard Lancelyn Green, a scholar of Sir Arthur Conan Doy

E07: Would You Eat Me?
March 25, 2019

Much anticipated after their unexpected absence, Grace and Em return full-force for their seventh episode, covering the psychological breakdown of Major Henry Rathbone following assassination of President Abraham Lincoln and the WWII cannibalization of Al

E06: One of Us Has to Die
March 03, 2019

Grace and Em, joined by their friend, Executive Producer Ashley, dive into the world of twin telepathy, featuring the Silent Twins. After that, they discuss the fairly recent Tanacu Exorcism, which has inspired multiple films.

E05: The Walls Have Eyes
February 25, 2019

Grace and Em do it again! This episode, Em informs Grace of a nearby cryptid known as the Enfield Horror. After that, Grace tells Em about an unsolved German sextuple murder known as the Hinterkaifeck murders.

E04: We're Gonna Die Together
February 19, 2019

Grace and Em discuss the disturbing WWII experiment called Unit 731, and an unsolved mystery of five missing travelers, also known as the Yuba Five.

E03: Hang in There
February 11, 2019

Grace and Em describe the Mandan ritualistic ceremony, the Okipa, and talk about the disturbing urban legend turned real, Cropsey.

E02: Mother of Pearl!
February 02, 2019

Em and Grace get freaked out by matters such as mass psychogenic illnesses and the double murder of Danny Vine and Della Thornton.

E01: Start Freaking Out
January 30, 2019

Grace and Em make their debut by talking about the Mystery of the Somerton Man - aka the Taman Shud case - and the origins and explanations for zombieism.