Let's Be Witches

Let's Be Witches

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Later Days
October 19, 2020

final episode!

Blood Magick pt 2: Period Blood Magick
September 28, 2020

Today we're becoming one with the moon and all that jazz - McKensi gives us the deets and the tails on how to use your period blood for some super potent magic.

Aleister Crowley is a Witch! Pt. 1
September 15, 2020

In part 1 of a 3 part series, Katy tells us about the banana sandwich life of Aleister Crowley and McKensi gets salty.

Astral Projection
August 31, 2020

Today McKensi gets into the mind-fuck that is astral projection!

August 17, 2020

Today we're talking about Circe and why she's a) a bad ass b) messy af

Throwback: An Interview with Joshua Bloodfire
August 02, 2020

Throwback! We got caught up in real life this week, so we're throwing it back to our Interview with our good friend Joshua Bloodfire! We will be back SOON with a mega episode and more patreon content!    We love you guys! 

Blood Magick Pt 1
July 20, 2020

Hello, friends! Today we're going over blood magick, interesting dinosaur facts, and shutting down an astrology rumor??

Patreon Preview: Dreamisode (Babies and Pregnancy)
July 06, 2020

Good afternoon, witches! We are coming and you hot and ready AGAIN with more patreon previews. Enjoy!

Patreon Preview: Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone
July 06, 2020

Good afternoon, witches! Today we are coming at you hot and ready with a patreon preview! Enjoy!

South Carolina's First Witch and Witch Trial
June 22, 2020

What's up, witches?? Today we are talking about more witchy history of the Carolinas! We also spend some time catching up, laughing at ourselves, and stay tuned to the very end for a special, uhhh, treat?