Less Is Morgue

Less Is Morgue

Episode 201: The People vs Riley Almanzor

September 03, 2021

Riley and Evelyn are back for the first episode of Less Is Morgue Season 2! But the celebrations are interrupted when Riley’s mom tries to sue them in order to force them to move out. Riley and Ev decide to take it to court, where the trial of the century (?) begins!


Alexis Bristowe as Riley

Meg Molloy Tuten as Evelyn and Shaz

Dan Zappulla as Parker Matthews

Josh Rubino as Judge Ricky

Erika Sanderson as Mama Zagarella

Alex Viney as Brains Vincent

Gus Zagarella as Captain Cishmale and Luigi

Brandon Apicelli as Klyle

Rob O’Dwyer as Blackbeard

Charlie Porritt as John Knifeman

And Scott Thomas as The Bailiff

Jeez, we need to start having fewer characters in these. It makes writing these show notes a nightmare!


Less Is Morgue is a Praeps Collective production

Today’s episode was written by Meg Molloy Tuten

Produced by Scott Thomas.

Executive Producer Uri Sacharow.