Less Is Morgue

Less Is Morgue

Episode 130: Basements and Dragons

April 23, 2021

Riley and Evelyn are preparing to play a game of D&D for the penultimate episode of Season 1. Joining them are a bloodthirsty, hyper-competitive vampire, a spaced-out white trash fire-demon, and a certain supernatural tech mogul that our heroes are always trying to get rid of.

Prepare for the ride of a deathtime. This is: Basements and Dragons.









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Original music from Veronica Stonebraker! Check out more of her work here!



Alexis Bristowe as Riley

Meg Molloy Tuten as Evelyn

Eden as Camille Domino

Gus Zagarella as Flauros

Chad Ellis as Todd

Charlie Porritt as John Knifeman

Sonya as Wife Knifeman

Uri Sacharow as Gore

Josh Rubino as Baal

And Scott Thomas as Satan


Less Is Morgue is a Praeps Collective production

Produced by Scott Thomas.

Executive Producer Uri Sacharow.

Today’s episode was written by Eden, Meg Molloy Tuten, Charlie Porritt, Henry Galley, Shaun Kingham, and Gus Zagarella.

Art by Meg Molloy Tuten and Shaun Kingham.

Theme by Nick Heilman.


NOTE: The ending skit, featuring Gore from The Alexandria Archives and Baal from CARAVAN, was made with permission of Uri Sacharow and Tau Zaman respectively, for which we are extremely grateful. The skit is not canon to either The Alexandria Archives or CARAVAN, and we make no attempt to suggest that it is so.