Lesbians Who Write Podcast

Lesbians Who Write Podcast

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LWW 190: 20Books Vegas Conference
November 27, 2023

Welcome to episode 190 ten off another major milestone! - TB is stressed. Why, I hear you cry? The November IHS Mega Sale for one, along with the IHS Sapphic Reading Challenge for 2024. Plus, shes

LWW 189: One Golden Piece of Advice
October 16, 2023

Programming note: the duo is taking a break and the next episode will be out on November 20, 2023. - All Wrapped Up in You, the cowrite TB did with Adrian J. Smith is out in the world. Toot toot! Lizz

LWW 188: Ask Us Anything
October 02, 2023

A Song in Her Heart has been doing well and hit #1, a huge relief for TB. Now shes preparing for her next release, which is the last summer project that made those months extremely challenging. TB mi

LWW 187: Finding Your Voice
September 18, 2023

A Song in Her Heart is out in the world! What a relief. TB has published 2 of the 3 projects that dogged her during the summer and the other one is with the editor. Unfortunately, shes already behind

LWW 186: Writing Lessons from the Women’s World Cup
September 04, 2023

Programming note: Were planning an ask us anything episode, so please let us know your burning questions. - TB has had an intense summer, but she has status updates on all three of her writing projec

LWW 185: The Shadow Self
August 21, 2023

Programming note: Were planning an ask us anything episode, so please let us know your burning questions. - TB recorded with a terrible sinus headache. That doesnt stop her from dropping big news. L

LWW 184: Dealing with Disappointment
August 07, 2023

What have they been up to since the last episode? - TB has been busy juggling 3 writing projects, including one thats a little terrifying. Also, TB got some island time! - Clares main project right

LWW 183: It Doesn’t Get Easier You Just Get Better
July 24, 2023

The duo is back! - It was fab to have some time away, and TB and Clare had adventures of their own during the break. Like TBs road trip (you wont believe how many miles she traveled) to Denver and C

LWW 182: 5 Must Haves for the Ideal Beach Read
June 19, 2023

Programming note: The duo is taking a summer break. The next podcast will come out July 24. - Die Morning Show has been number 1 in the German store for well over a week, which is a huge relief for TB

LWW 181: What Should Writers Stop Worrying About?
June 05, 2023

Happy Pride! - To celebrate Pride, every day in June, TB will be posting a Sapphic Trailblazer on I Heart SapphFic. TB and Miranda published their first German Translation: Die Morning Show. Toot toot