Leo Bello Podcast

Leo Bello Podcast

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Episode 3 - Judgment
May 29, 2019

My good friend Brandon Gardere drops by to talk about judgment, how his perspective on that word has changed throughout the years, if he judges people, how he has been judged, and how he handles judgment from others.

Episode 2 - Positivity As A Strategy
January 21, 2019

I rant about using positivity as a strategy to achieve a happier life, which we’ll do when we enjoy the journey more than goals we set for ourselves.

Episode 1 - R. Kelly and California’s First Partner
January 14, 2019

My good friend Victor drops bye to have some beers and we rant about R. Kellys sexual assault allegations and being in a Sex Cult with the girl from Smallville. We also talk about Californias First Lady changing her official name to Californias First P