Christopher Lochhead Follow Your Different™

Christopher Lochhead Follow Your Different™

Latest Episodes

131 How to Build Billion Dollar Startups w/ David Sacks
January 17, 2020

In this episode, we have a real conversation about legendary entrepreneurs and investor David Sacks about how to build billion-dollar startups. We talk about how startups go off the rails and what is ok and not ok to lose money on.

130 Grumpy Old Geek Jason DeFillippo
January 15, 2020

He’s back! Podcast legend and co-host of Grumpy Old Geeks podcast, Jason DeFillippo joins us for another dynamic conversation about deep fakes, streaming services, and tech that will or will not change your life in 2020. Deep Fakes and Video Editing

129 How to go from Sales Rep to Chairman of The Board in Silicon Valley w/ Elisa Steele
January 13, 2020

In this episode, we are taken for a ride on how to go from sales rep to Chairman of the board with the amazing Elisa Steele. We have a powerful conversation about how she went from sales rep to regional sales to CMO, then CEO.

128 Human Behavior & Loving People with Different Abilities w/ Dr. Sean Peterson
January 06, 2020

This dialogue is a glimpse into a legend— whose name might not be world-renown but surely is worth getting to know—Dr. Sean Peterson. We connected over our love of people and children who are, “differently-abled. We talk about autism, uniqueness,

127 How To Get & Stay Fit w/ Joey Wolfe
January 03, 2020

For our first episode this year 2020, we hang out with professional athlete fitness trainer and founder of Paradigm Sport in Santa Cruz, CA, Joey Wolfe. Today we go beyond all of 7-minute abs BS, get fit quick, scams and shams and have a real,

126 Grief & Happiness For The Holidays w/ Dushka Zapata
December 23, 2019

Today, one of the most prolific and important writers in the world, Dushka Zapata, joins us for a very unusual but moving discussion. They talk about grief, happiness and why its okay to opt-out for the holidays.

125 Bas Rutten: How to over-come anything w/ UFC Hall of Famer & O2 Trainer Inventor
December 20, 2019

One of Christopher Lochhead’s hero, UFC Hall of Famer and MMA legend Bas Rutten joins us today for another powerful and insightful conversation. We talk about how as a Dutch Kid, Bas, over-came horrible asthma and eczema, and bullying to become,

124 John McAfee For President
December 13, 2019

After breaking the internet with our Mia Khalifa Episode 111, we are bringing you another episode with John McAfee, Legendary Silicon Valley entrepreneur, and 2020 U.S Presidential candidate. He joins us to share his experiences in Silicon Valley and t...

123 This Could Be Our Future w/ Yancey Strickler, Kickstarter Co-Founder
December 11, 2019

Join us in another fascinating and timely discussion with Yancey Strickler, Co-Founder & former CEO of Kickstarter, one of the most important new companies in the Startup ecosystem. He is the author of the new book This Could Be Our Future: A Manifesto...

122 Legendary Lighting & Nightclub Designer Steve Lieberman
December 09, 2019

Today, entrepreneur and the incredibly creative guy Steve Lieberman, Founder & CEO of SJ Lighting, joins us today for another riveting conversation. Steve and his team have had a hand in almost every nightclub and electronic music festival in the US fo...