Legend of Dragoon - Global Community

Legend of Dragoon - Global Community

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#5 - Where Did You Even Get A Goose!?
March 28, 2024

Drew and Nova recap highlights since the last episode. Canada invades LoD. Nova is apparently Castiel. The goose is loose.00:00:00 - Start00:09:32 - Recap the last 18 months / PC Gamer Coverage00:19:33 - JP Demo playthrough00:22:28 - Winter Tidings v

#4: Speedrunning Is All About Community
September 29, 2022

[very belated upload from late 2022]Drew talks with BlackDeathDoom about speedrunning in Legend of Dragoon. New skip route discovered, what speedrunning can teach a player about game mechanics, and more!

Episode 3: It Appeared In Our House One Day
August 27, 2022

Drew has an interesting chat with fellow LoD fan Cody, who shares his introduction to the game as well as perspective in relation to other games.

Episode 2: It's Like Un-Baking A Cake
April 22, 2022

Today's co-host is Corey aka Monoxide! A special interview about reverse-engineering Legend of Dragoon to learn what it can be like, how it can be used by players, and what truths it uncovers about how the game was designed!

Episode 1: Pronunciations May Vary
September 13, 2021

First episode of the unofficial Legend of Dragoon global community podcast series. A variety show about the game, its fanbase, and the latest news. Hosts for this episode are DrewUniverse and Ziekara.