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Hacksaw’s Headlines: Juan Soto, AJ Preller, Vin Scully, Bill Russell
August 04, 2022

Here’s what’s going on in sports. Here’s what Lee Hacksaw Hamilton thinks on Thursday, August 4, 2022. Here are Hacksaw’s Headlines: - ·         JUAN SOTO-PADRES GET SUPERSTAR - ·         JOSH BELL-TH

MLB Trade Deadline: Padres, Dodgers, Nationals, Soto
July 31, 2022

Lee Hacksaw Hamilton talks Padres, Dodgers Pennant Race, and the Baseball Trading Deadline... and those are the hot topics. Join us on the livestream on Facebook, YouTube, and Twitter. We'll take you

Tuesday July 28th, 2015
July 28, 2015

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Monday July 27th, 2015
July 27, 2015

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Friday July 24th, 2015
July 24, 2015

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