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Fair Housing with Anne Sadovsky
July 30, 2019

Anytime I get the chance to talk to Anne Sadovsky, I want to pinch myself! I also have a list of questions a mile long! Anne has been in the Multifamily housing industry for 51 years and shows no signs of slowing down anytime soon. She is the quintessenti

Your Questions Answered
July 28, 2019

You asked, I answered! Thanks to everyone who submitted questions via the Apartment and Maintenance Support Group Facebook group. This is my first solo episode and I’ll be answering the questions you guys asked. ⁣ ⁣ I’ve skipped all of the Fair Housing an

TotallyToni’s Toni Blake
May 03, 2019

Toni Blake is a popular international speaker, consultant, author and comedienne inspiring thousands of multifamily apartment industry professionals every year. With over 30 years of training experience, her “laugh while you learn” approach has made Toni

Make Yourself Promotable with Casey Van Zandt
April 07, 2019

Leasing Leah and Casey Van Zandt talk about what makes you promotable in your Property Management Career.  ⁣ After today’s guest was crushing it in the corporate student housing world and climbing the ladder at a breakneck pace, she’s the creator of The M

Eric Orsbon - The Husband/Wife Property Management Team
March 03, 2019

Eric Orsbon started his career is Real Estate as a Real Estate agent over 17 years ago. He then became a Leasing Consultant in the Property Management field and began moving throughout the country as he rose through the ranks of the industry. He is now th

Sprout Marketing - Taking Your Community From Chaos To Cohesive
February 14, 2019

Whether you are working on social media, outreach marketing, resident retention, or just improving your apartment community engagement, Sprout Marketing has everything you need in one easy platform. ⁣ ⁣ Longtime best friends Barbara Savona and Lauren Emmo

Casey Van Zandt and The Mindful Hustle
February 07, 2019

After today’s guest was crushing it in the corporate student housing world and climbing the ladder at a breakneck pace, she experienced a health crisis. Knowing full well that something had to change, she decided to re-invent herself and her career – on h

Coming soon, Leasing Leah Podcast!
January 27, 2019

Hi and welcome to the Leasing Leah Podcast! Ill be interviewing interesting people who work in the property management industry and vendors who help us run our businesses more smoothly. Youll learn tips and tricks about Leasing marketing maintenance and