Leaders Sport Business Podcast

Leaders Sport Business Podcast

At home with Leaders: Chloe Targett-Adams

September 15, 2020

Rebuilding an international race calendar through Covid | New tracks, new formats, a new future | The next set of challenges major rights holders face.

Episode 95 of the Leaders Sport Business Podcast - brought to you in partnership with Onside Law - features a conversation with Formula 1's Global Director of Promoters and Business Relations Chloe Targett-Adams (discussion starts at 11.50).

Having joined the global motorsports series in 2009 as a senior legal counsel, Targett-Adams has been a key part of both the 'old' and 'new' leadership teams at Formula 1. She worked closely with former CEO Bernie Ecclestone, and is now a driving force within the executive team, led by CEO Chase Carey, set up by Liberty Media, which completed its $4.4 billion acquisition of Formula 1 in 2017.

Targett-Adams is responsible for building and maintaining Formula 1's relationships with its race promoters and the government jurisdictions within which they sit. When Formula 1 was forced to break down then rebuild its season following the outbreak of the pandemic, it fell to Targett-Adams and her team to piece together a race calendar that would meet FIA specifications, hit revenue-unlocking contractual obligations, keep promoters and governments onside, and maintain safety and security.

On the conversational agenda:

- The remarkable feat of rebuilding the calendar into a workable 17-race, international schedule;

- The stresses, strains, challenges and pitfalls along the way, and the stakeholder tensions in play;

- New circuits, new formats, and the chances of taking both forward into the future;

- The return to 'normal' in 2021;

- What good leadership has looked like in 2020;

- The F1 of 2009 vs the F1 of now - a modern organisational overhaul for a 21st Century company.