Leaders Sport Business Podcast

Leaders Sport Business Podcast

At home with Leaders: Paul Rogers

July 10, 2020

Why digital strategy is dead | Why in-house websites are not | The long-term impacts of Covid on football.

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Episode 90 of the Leaders Sport Business Podcast features a conversation between iX.co's Becki Civello and AS Roma's Chief Strategy Officer Paul Rogers (discussion begins at 7:57).

Rogers is based in Boston, where the Italian club’s ownership is headquartered, and is responsible for the club’s business and international strategy as well as Roma’s media department, including its award-winning digital and social media activities globally. Rogers and AS Roma have become renowned as digital innovators, setting trends that have been picked up across football and the wider sports industry through a bold approach to content output, tone, and platform choice.

On the conversational agenda:

- How the lockdown affected AS Roma and the club's overnight transformation overnight into a content company and aid agency;

- Fan engagement and how Covid has enforced the importance of online channels for fan engagement;

- Tonal shifts, content formats, and humanising athletes;

- Alignment between club strategy and digital execution and why the concept of 'the digital strategy' is dead;

- The work of Roma Cares in the community;

- Long-term impacts and reimagining the match day experience;

- Why the ‘death of the website’ has been overstated.