Leaders Sport Business Podcast

Leaders Sport Business Podcast

Alistair Kirkwood

July 01, 2019

The NFL in London | Leaders in Shanghai.

Alistair Kirkwood has been the MD of NFL UK since 2006, and was a key member of the senior executive team that brought the first league game to London in 2007.

In episode 59 of the Leaders Sport Business Podcast, Kirkwood reflects on the growth the league has undergone internationally over the course of his career, explains the why and how the league is launching the 'NFL Academy' in north London, and gives a firm response to the oft-repeated question: when will the NFL launch a franchise in London?

Elsewhere in the conversation:

Inside the NFL's UK office;

- Building the calendar out into the off-season;

- The NFL Academy - what, where, who, how and why - inspired by the fact that the league will be playing in Tottenham into the next decade;

- Teaching NFL values, as well as American football skills'

- The new Tottenham stadium and why the NFL-spec build will be transformative for the league's future visits to London'

- The current thinking on the NFL's ambitions to operate a franchise from London;

- NFL fandom in the UK, and why if you're over 30, you're not between the NFL's crosshairs.