Leaders Sport Business Podcast

Leaders Sport Business Podcast

Val Ackerman

June 06, 2019

Val Ackerman has been the Commissioner of the Big East college conference since 2013. In episode 57 of the Leaders Sport Business Podcast, she gives Leaders Editor-at-Large James Emmett her College Sports 101, before discussing:

- The hows and whys of schools moving from one conference to another;

- The compensation debate, its fragility and complexity; why college athletes aren't paid; and why we could be a few years away from major change;

- The Big East revenues - where they come from, and where they go;

- The growth of women's sport

- Male-to-female mentorship and David Stern's ongoing influence on Ackerman's career; and why men have such an important role to play in the development of women's careers in the sports industry;

- How to learn from other leaders' style, without being imitative;

- The many ways of being a mentor;

- Why young sports executives need to be aggressive but patient.