Leaders Sport Business Podcast

Leaders Sport Business Podcast

Ep 31: Amy Brooks

February 23, 2018

The NBA is so firmly focused on innovation - in the experiences it offers to fans, in its digital engagement strategies, and in its own business practices - that in November 2017 it appointed someone specifically to oversee it.

That someone is Amy Brooks, an NBA executive since 2005, and now Chief Innovation Officer and President of the NBA's Team Marketing and Business Operations unit.

In this episode of the Leaders Podcast, Brooks discusses her role and responsibilities and pinpoints some of the most innovative practices being undertaken across the league.

Also on the agenda:

- The advance of technology and league's open-minded approach;

- Focusing on the core when it comes to new business opportunities, but why that core is not simply sports;

- Why the NBA's global fanbase requires a tech-first media and communications strategy;

- The jersey patch sponsorship inventory and how it's being used to further the fan experience;

- The NBA G-League-Twitch deal and what it might mean for the future of basketball broadcasts.