Leaders Sport Business Podcast

Leaders Sport Business Podcast

Ep 21: Behind the scenes at Leaders

October 06, 2017

Marketing industry bellwether Sir Martin Sorrell kicked off this year's Leaders Sport Business Summit and he kickstarted this behind-the-scenes podcast too. Nic Coward, the man tasked with interviewing Sir Martin, gives his assessment of the discussion.

This collection of conversations also includes:

- Sir Dave Brailsford on a turn as questioner rather than questioned as he reflects on a conversation with Billy Beane - very much Marginal Gains meets Moneyball.

- Rich Gotham, President of the Boston Celtics, talking about cold meets before he’s interrupted by Philadelphia 76ers CEO Scott O’Neil and a discussion on NBA jersey patches, dynamic ticketing and more ensues.

- Irina Pavlova, former President of Onexim Sports & Entertainment, on an intimidating run out with WWE chief brand officer Stephanie McMahon and her plans for a new role in London.

- Reflections on monetizing digital platforms – with insight from FT CEO John Ridding, Conde Nast’s Dolly Jones and Keith Grossman from Bloomberg via Omnigon Chief Commercial Officer Dave Nugent.

- Lewis Wiltshire on Legendary Entertainment’s Matt Marolda and Moneyball for movies and the major social platforms and their likely – or unlikely - moves into sport.

- Gerry Cardinale, founder and CEO of RedBird Capital, and the man behind the creation of the YES Network and Legends Hospitality, on where to find the real value in sport.