Leaders Sport Business Podcast

Leaders Sport Business Podcast

Olympic marketing - the myths, the magic, and the future

August 11, 2016

From the Leaders Sport Business Summit in New York this March, former Coca-Cola marketer Scott McCune helms a discussion on the merits, measurements and impacts that come with an official Olympic association.

On the panel:

  • Janet Fletcher, brand director, Olympics & Sports Marketing at Proctor & Gamble
  • Trudy Hardy, VP of marketing at BMW North America
  • Phil Pacsi, VP consumer marketing at Bridgestone North America
  • Lisa Baird, CMO, US Olympic Committee

On the agenda:

  • The birth, evolution and impact of P&G's game-changing 'Thank you, Mom' campaign
  • BMW's integration into the fabric of US Olympic preparation and performance
  • Bridgestone's first crack at an Olympic Games: why it's activating in the US, Brazil, South Korea and Japan only this year
  • The link between a US presidential election and a Summer Games, and why the American public might need a feel-good dose of healthy patriotism a little more than usual