The Northern Tier Podcast

The Northern Tier Podcast

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We Don't Talk About Talking About Women.
July 25, 2022

We're gonna have to talk about women at some point. Who better than other women? Part one of a series on the female perspective of our current era. Also, read more poetry. 

Art Sucks.
June 14, 2022

Jean showed up. Also, hi. Some of you really wanted a third so here you go. 

March 15, 2021

It's women's history month and post-Black History month so I thought it'd be great to have a sit down with a young black woman making history. How rare. Samia is joining the United States Army as a commissioned officer. We discuss racial inclusion and equ

Montana, the spiral begins.
September 15, 2020

The NorthernTier came from somewhere. Plus, a talk with one of my very best friends. You might want to turn your headphones down a little bit for that intro. 

Channel Update!
February 09, 2019

A few words from our sponsor. 

Don't Cheat
February 09, 2019

Not my usual stuff but I figured I'd talk about cheaters a little bit. Oh boy. 

Extras: Surveillance
February 04, 2019

A brief explanation of what Surveillance is and why we do it. 

The Thief
February 02, 2019

A shallow dive into a recent case involving a break-in and the thoughts associated with it. Notes straight from the case desk. 

LPKR #1 - What is a PI?
January 25, 2019

Jeremy gives a short answer to a long question.