The Relational Spirituality Podcast

The Relational Spirituality Podcast

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A Gen Z look at SoulTalk | Ep. 36
September 26, 2023

Have you met Larger Storys newest team member? Join us as Rosanne Moore introduces Brittany Wood, our Gen Z addition to the team, and they talk about SoulTalk, what gets in the way of meaningful con

In it for the Long Haul | Ep. 35
September 19, 2023

Three Friends Reconnecting: The Power of a Redemptive Chat Between Spiritual Friends. Conversing with soul friends on the journey toward home.

Stirring Up an Appetite for God | Ep. 34
September 12, 2023

What makes a conversation matter? How do I know if I had any impact? Join Karlene and Arlita Ibach as they talk about what it looks like to see every conversation as an opportunity to stir up an appet

What’s going on behind the scenes – Going deep with a friend | Ep. 33
September 05, 2023

How do you open yourself up to the Spirits movement in your marriage and with your friends? How do we rely on the Holy Spirit to relate with people? Tap into the power of the Holy Spirit in a way tha

7 Keys to Having Spiritually Forming Relationships | Ep. 32
August 29, 2023

After over 40 years as a psychologist, what did Dr. Larry Crabb find were some foundational ways of fostering spiritually forming relationships? Moving beyond psychological techniques and beneath surf

Becoming, Amid Grief and God’s Glory | Ep. 31
August 22, 2023

When life as youve known it is entirely upended, how do you not only survive the grief but also find new ways to grow and reflect more of Gods grace in the midst of loss? Rachael Crabb joins Rosanne

Self Talk vs. SoulTalk – How do the 7 Questions Influence our SoulTalk? | Ep. 30
August 15, 2023

As we learn to understand the ins and outs of SoulTalk, how do we allow ourselves to Think Beaneth whats happening at the surface, how do we find a passion for who we engage with, how do we see a vis

Self Talk vs. Soul Talk and Holy Disruptions | Ep. 29
August 08, 2023

Arent we all starving to be known and to know others? Join Karlene and her son-in-law, Jimmy Hill, as they talk about the beautiful mess that is community and how our self-talk can be disrupted by so

A Pathway to Knowing God – Struggling Well | Ep. 28
August 01, 2023

Kep has a conversation with his late fathers best friend. James Trip Moore tells stories and reflects on the key changing times in his life. And what is most important to him now as he prepares h

Counseling From the Other Side: A Look Into the Mind of a Counselor Pt. 2 | Ep. 27
July 25, 2023

A SOULTALK conversation with 2 counselors who have been counseling for many years. We chat about what goes on inside a counselor as they work with people. What do you do when you dont feel the Spir