Lancaster Connects

Lancaster Connects

Lancaster’s Clean Water with Stephen & Jordan Evangelista and Mike Canarelli: Episode 96

May 30, 2023

In this episode, Ben & Jeff sit down with Stephen and Jordan, the dynamic duo behind HQ Water Solutions LLC, a leading provider of water treatment services in Lancaster and the surrounding areas. Stephen, the proud owner and founder, brings his extensive experience in the water treatment industry and a passion for helping others to the table. Jordan, co-owner and Business Development Executive, combines her marketing expertise and commitment to community engagement to drive HQ's growth and customer outreach efforts.

Outside of their professional pursuits, Stephen and Jordan have rich personal lives. Stephen cherishes spending time with his wife and daughters, indulging in craft beers, and pursuing his hobbies of dirt-bike riding and mountain-biking. Jordan, a dedicated mother and wife, leverages her Master's degree in clinical psychology and her background in fundraising to fuel HQ's marketing initiatives, including social media, website development, and newsletters. She also shares her love for yoga, Peloton workouts, and the occasional glass of champagne.

Both Stephen and Jordan have a deep-rooted commitment to community involvement, supporting various non-profit organizations and participating in fundraisers. Stephen's contributions to the Manheim Chamber, and Jordan's work with the Spina Bifida organization, showcase their shared passion for making a positive impact in the lives of others.

Tune in as they delve into the world of water treatment, the challenges and opportunities in the industry, and how Stephen and Jordan combine their entrepreneurial dreams with a genuine desire to serve their community.

As a seasoned digital marketer and the owner of two businesses, Mike Canarelli helps owners of startups and small to mid-sized businesses of every type reexamine their operations and systems, refine and improve their sales and marketing plans, and develop budgets and financial goals. He can also provide insight and expertise on management issues, employee relations, retention, and recruiting, as well as business technology platforms.