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Lancaster Connects

Building a Stronger Lancaster with Jose R. Lopez: Episode 94

May 15, 2023

In this episode, Ben will be joined by Jose Lopez, the President of SACA & SACA Development Corporation. With over two decades of experience in leadership positions, including in commercial real estate and financial services, Jose has a wealth of knowledge to share.

Throughout his time at SACA, Jose has implemented a strategic model that encourages stakeholder and staff engagement, empowering them to take ownership and be storytellers for the organization. He has also selected board members who represent a diverse cross-section of the community, ensuring that SACA has a solid foundation for future growth and maximum community impact.

Tune in as Jose shares his leadership philosophy, the importance of diversity in organizational leadership, and the work that SACA is doing to make a positive impact in the Lancaster community. 

About SACA:

​​Since the early 1940’s, diverse groups have found hope and opportunity in Lancaster’s prosperous region. One of those diverse groups is the Latino community that today represents about 40% of the population within the City of Lancaster. This extraordinary statistic reflects a vigorous pattern of growth over the decades. In direct response to this pattern of growth, the Spanish American Civic Association, now known as SACA, was established in 1973 to help this growing population assimilate to life in Lancaster. Today, the mission of SACA is to uplift and restore marginalized communities through human, economic, and social services, while supporting cultural identities.