Lancaster Connects

Lancaster Connects

Safer and Happier Lives in Lancaster with Jennifer King: Episode 87

March 27, 2023

In this episode, Ben & Jeff speak with Jennifer King, a full-time Service Dog Ambassador for UDS, to discuss her journey with the organization. Jennifer began as a volunteer in April 2017 and was later hired as the administration assistant to the program. We'll learn about her role as an ambassador and the importance of spreading awareness about the program. Jennifer also shares her personal experience caring for her ambassador dog, Nova.

Tune in or watch to hear Jennifer's inspiring story and the impact of UDS on the community.

About UDS Foundation: 

UDS Foundation is a Lancaster, PA-based organization whose mission is to improve the lives of people with physical and age-related disabilities. UDS Foundation accomplishes that by providing a variety of home- and community-based services to help people with disabilities enjoy safer, happier, and more independent lives in the comfort of their homes. Incorporated in 1970, UDS Foundation has evolved from a small organization to a company providing a network of 12 different programs through several nonprofit and for-profit entities. UDS Foundation serves individuals with disabilities, including the aging and veterans, throughout Pennsylvania and coordinates a network of business partners and satellite offices in multiple counties.