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Lancaster Connects

Acorn Acres: Home For The Underdogs With Betsy Shank and Poppy of Acorn Acres Wildlife Rehabilitation: Episode 68

October 31, 2022

Acorn Acres Wildlife Rehabilitation, located in Millersville is the only facility in Lancaster County that specializes in the rehabilitation of squirrels, cottontails, and juvenile groundhogs.

They offer the little guys, the underdogs, a second chance. They also provide fun, exciting educational programs to groups and schools. Acorn Acres brings the wildlife experience to you! Their ambassador animals are Poppy the Groundhog, Snags the Squirrel, and Elliott the Groundhog. They provide their human neighbors in Lancaster County and surrounding areas with a free resource for these species.

To their patients, they offer a proper environment (clean, quiet, and predator free) to grow, thrive, and recover with species specific optimal nutrition as well as veterinary care.

To their human neighbors and wild patients, Acorn Acres commits to maintain and further their education as they strive to implement the latest technologies and practices.

Mighty oaks from little acorns grow!