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Lancaster Connects

The Gift Of Strength And Hope With Lynn Walker and Joe Fittipaldi of A Week Away: Episode 49

May 16, 2022

At A Week Away, we coordinate and finance respite weeks for families who are battling a life-threatening illness, with the goal of providing them the hope they need to continue their fight.

When you get away, you get to feel normal.

— Caleb Walker, Founder

Caleb was Lynn Walker’s son. He passed away in December of 2014 knowing that he had successfully established his foundation with the help of very loyal & committed friends and his family. Lynn is so thankful for all of the support they have and is committed to helping to grow AWA's impact in helping families and keeping Caleb's legacy going onward.

Joe and a few others were responsible for launching The A Week Away foundation along with Caleb and he is a huge factor in the growth we experienced in our first 5 years. After taking a two year break, he is back again as President of our Board of Directors and brings his passion for the mission with him.