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Lancaster Connects

Main Street Vs The Mall - Episode 24 with Mark Allan Maurer, II of Vancscoy, Mauer & Bash

October 31, 2021

The special guest this week is Mark Allan Maurer, II of Vanscoy, Mauer & Bash Diamond Jewelers in Lancaster. This episode provides great insight of the day-to-day battle that businesses of varying size have vs the behemoths on Main Street. We will be LIVE! so please join the discussion.

Mark Mauer started the store back in 1981, so this is his 40th year and it is Mark Allan’s 27th year. When they bought Bash Jewelers in 2004, they assumed their legacy which goes back to 1956.

They are the only David Yurman dealer between Philadelphia and Pittsburgh and also the only Rolex Jeweler between Philadelphia and Camp Hill. They've also been importing diamonds directly from the Fischler Diamond Co. of Antwerp, Belgium for 37 of the 40 years they've been in business. They truly import in a way that no other jeweler does in the great Central Pennsylvania area.

The Maurer Star Diamond is very special and every Maurer Star is hand selected by either Mark Allan or Mark Mauer and put through the rigorous standards of the American Gem Society. There are very few AGS stores in the area and they are proud to be a member of the American Gem Society (AGS) as they are an organization has high standards for ethics and education.