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Honoring Female Veterans with Cancer Featuring Michael Cahill: Episode 127

January 22, 2024

About the charity:

Jen being a 100% disabled Veteran, it was believed that there was a minimum of a $10,000 Burial Benefit as part of the benefits package. Shortly after Jen's initial diagnosis she was hospitalized, this is where their family found out that they did not have the Life or Burial Insurance that they thought they had through the VA Benefits Packages. In discussing this issue with a friend, Stacy Coble Knight, Stacy took it upon herself to start a GoFundMe page and put together a couple of benefits for Jen to help offset unexpected and unforeseen expenses as well as raise funds to prepay and pre-plan Jen's final expenses and arrangements. Jen was overwhelmed and deeply touched at the response, Love and support she received from friends and family and more so from people that she never met.

As a result, Jen wanted to see the same support continued for other female veterans with terminal cancer who don't have Life or Burial Insurance. This is how Team Jennifer Cahill Charities (TJCC) came to be. It is their mission at TJCC to continue this legacy for other female veterans to show them the same compassion, love and support that was shown to Jen, to prepay and pre-plan their final expenses and arrangements. This has been a huge relief and burden lifted from Jen and her family. The team hopes that those that read this will help support this mission, and join them in supporting our female veterans with terminal cancer.