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Lancaster Connects

Creating Hope and Opportunity Through Furniture featuring Amanda Reilly and Pashk Sokoli: Episode 117

November 06, 2023

This episode features Amanda Reilly-Sokoli and Pashk Sokoli. Co-founders of Pennsylvania Furniture Mission. 

Pashk and Amanda always knew they had a passion for making a difference in the lives of others. After meeting in Albania in 2014, a combination of cultures, languages, and experiences brought them together - enhancing their lives ever since. They lived in Chicago, experiencing the challenges of living and working on the south side of the city. They recognized their desire to serve others in need, taking their combined skill sets to serve a new population in Amanda’s home state of Pennsylvania.

In 2022, that’s when The Pennsylvania Furniture Mission was established. They recognize the large and overwhelming cost of purchasing furniture for a new home or apartment. Their services provide families and individuals experiencing financial barriers, the opportunity to receive free gently-used furniture, and avoid purchasing brand-new furniture at a high price tag. Time, money, and other resources can be utilized elsewhere in the household for basic needs if it is not spent on household furnishings.