Lancaster Connects

Lancaster Connects

A Tale of Two Chambers featuring Jona Green of Southern Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce: Episode 108

August 28, 2023

In this episode, Ben and Jeff speak with Jona Green, a full-time financial advisor and the dedicated volunteer president of the Southern Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce. The chamber serves to connect 200 plus members in business and non-profit organizations.

Whether you're an aspiring entrepreneur, a seasoned business owner, or simply someone interested in understanding the relationship between finance and community development, this episode has something for you. Gain valuable insights, actionable advice, and a deeper understanding of how financial expertise and community engagement intersect to create a thriving business environment.

About Southern Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce: 

The Southern Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce strives to advance the civic, commercial and industrial interests of the Southern Lancaster County area. The Chamber encourages businesses to actively support the community and as a unified body, the Chamber seeks to find ways to pool resources for such activities, including scholarships for local seniors.

Since 1955, the Southern Lancaster County Chamber of Commerce has been organized for the purpose of advancing the financial, industrial and civic interests of the southern part of Lancaster County. Our Chamber provides the “extra touch” with the community, not provided by any other business unit or organization. Year after year we continue with the help of our members to grow stronger and more vital, expanding not only our reach, but also our services.

Our chamber is operated solely by member volunteers, and the investment of their time and input is what makes the Chamber a great organization. We would be honored to have your business or organization join us in our endeavors and we invite you to do so. Together we strive to provide our communities and our members with great support, products and service.