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Lancaster Connects

100th Episode Party With Bret Michaels!

July 03, 2023

So glad you could join us for our biggest episode yet, hometown hero and rockstar Bret Michaels shares his deep connection to Central Pennsylvania. Michaels, who was born and raised in Mechanicsburg, emphasizes the importance of home and the strong work ethic that characterizes the area's residents.

Michaels' love for Central PA is evident in his dedication to giving back to the community. He created the Party Gras Tour, which is set to perform at Hollywood Casino on August 26th, as a celebration of all things Central PA. Michaels called it a "circus of awesomeness" and a "carnival of all things Central PA," promising to make it an unforgettable event.

Michaels' story highlights the importance of home and work ethic. Central PA's strong sense of community and dedication to hard work have shaped Michaels' values and success as a rockstar. Michaels' dedication to giving back to his community through the Party Gras Tour is a testament to his deep connection to Central PA. Michaels' story serves as an inspiration for others to stay true to their roots and follow their dreams with hard work and dedication.

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