Strange and Dreadful Things

Strange and Dreadful Things

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The Diamond Coal Mining Disaster of 1883
April 19, 2024

In February 1883, dozens of men and boys descended into the depths of the Illinois prairie to mine coal. By noon, the pump man saw water rising in the mine tunnels. Little did he know that something w

Mabel Moore: The Bride Abandoned for Revenge
April 04, 2024

Mabel Moore had just gone to St. Louis with her new husband, Arthur. After just a few days and one bad argument, he left her stranded there. Abandoned in a strange city, Mabel turned to the unthinkabl

Carol Eberle: Death by Wedding Dress?
March 18, 2024

Carol Eberle was getting married, and she was overjoyed. But no one else really was. Something had happened just a few weeks before that had soured several people toward Carol in their small North Dak

Swift Runner: Murderer and Cannibal
March 03, 2024

Swift Runner and his family journeyed into the Canadian wilderness in 1878 for the winter. Only Swift Runner emerged the following spring. He said that his entire family starved to death, but there wa

Why Did the Farmer Try to Shoot the Deputy?
February 10, 2024

Henry Kuehl was just trying to do his job. On a warm January night, he rode out to a rural Iowa farm to help settle a dispute between the farmer and his landlord. The night started off normal enough,

The Chicken Thief's Ghost
January 14, 2024

Sam Smith was a desperate man. He couldn't find a job, and he had a family to feed. Out of desperation he turned to stealing. But when he died suddenly, did his ghost return to watch over his family?

Julia Buccola: The Ghostly Italian Bride of Chicago
December 30, 2023

Imagine driving near Chicago's Mount Carmel Cemetery and seeing a woman wearing a white wedding dress walking along the road. It's rainy and muddy, and yet she seems untouched by all of it. You would

Omaima Nelson: Killing in Self-Defense or Murder in Cold Blood?
December 10, 2023

William Nelson was a private pilot who had just married the beautiful Onaima Nelson, a woman 23 years younger than himself. Then, just after Thanksgiving 1991, he disapeared. He was found in early Dec

Charles Albright: The Texas Eyeball Killer
November 22, 2023

In late 1990, the body of Mary Lou Pratt was found in a quiet Dallas, Texas neighborhood. She had been severely beaten and then shot to death. If that wasn't bad enough, it was soon discovered that he

Backyard Ghosts: My Local Legends
November 01, 2023

Every Halloween, every village, town, and city dredge up their favorite spooky stories. Where I live is no different. Come and hear some of the legends and stories that I grew up with as I tell you ab